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Confusing moving away from 1.0

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I just noticed 1.0 no longer works, so I'm moving to 2.0 but I'm confused. In 1.0 I could do something like this:

        require 'lib/wrapper.php';

        $api = new XboxApi();
        $api->format = 'json';
        $api->timeout = 10;

        $profile = $api->fetch_profile("Zenoxio");

And then I could access like IsOnline() to check if user is online. So I started building something in 2.0, I started reading http://xboxleaders.github.io/get-started/ which says:


Find a wrapper in your programming language of choice.


Which links me to http://xboxleaders.github.io/wrappers/


Except the page is empty? There are no wrappers listed. I looked at other options (self-hosting) and it told me "to add 3 or more Xbox Live accounts to scrape the data" which makes no sense to me either. I never had to have Xbox Live accounts in 1.0.


I'm really confused!

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