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XboxLeaders Logo Challenge

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As I'm sure you all have noticed, XboxLeaders and the XboxLiveAPI project don't have a distinct logo. Well, I'm looking to change that. 


I am by no means a graphic designer. I work with code, not colors. So, I'm asking this awesome community for a little help. I'd like to host a challenge to see who can come up with the most kick-ass logo for XboxLeaders as a whole, and maybe even a separate but similar logo for XboxLiveAPI for bonus points.


The winner of the best logo(s) will win a $50 Amazon gift card, and the bragging rights to say they created an awesome logo for an awesome project!


Here's the specs of this contest:

  • Logo must be submitted in .psd format
  • Logo must be at least 750x750 pixels, and able to be scaled as needed
  • Logo must have the three main colors of Xbox: green, white, black
  • Logo can be an icon, words, or combination


All entries must be submitted to jason@xboxleaders.com by February 28th, 2014. The winner will be chosen by March 1, 2014 and notified by email.


I look forward to seeing all your creative entries! And please, feel free to let your friends know about this as well. Everyone is free to submit an entry!


Please note, if the winner is not able to accept Amazon gift card as prize, attempts will be made to compensate otherwise.

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