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Hidden achievements data

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I was previously putting hidden achievements that I had unlocked into my class library, but since I've created a wrapper for the 2.0 API, I figured it might be beneficial to put this information elsewhere.


I've created a new project at https://github.com/JamesSkemp/XblAchievements that will eventually contain all of the hidden achievements I've unlocked and documented.


Ultimate goal is to expand my API wrapper to allow a directory to be referred to, which will contain all of these XML files, and will be used when creating output files.


My wrapper is for .NET, but this project is just a bunch of XML files, and contributions are welcome and appreciated!

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Nice work! I've gone over the idea of setting up some sort of CDN service for achievement tiles (locked/unlocked), as well as secret achievements. It's something that would involve scraping other third-party sites such as achievementhunter and trueacheivements to obtain the secret achievement details, and maybe even colored achievement tiles that the API can't grab.


It would definitely require either the purchase of a dedicated VPS or a plan upgrade, but it's something I do want to look into.

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