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  1. New Xbox.com website should be going live at some point today.
  2. This is looking a little more promising! http://wpcentral.com/xboxcom-adding-brand-new-xbox-one-profile-page-and-more
  3. That's a shame then. Are you still wanting my database of games?
  4. I can see why you would do it man, but I'm sure the hard core users are hosting it them self's anyway. Thanks for your efforts and at least fixing any bugs that may arise that's pretty decent of you. Have you got any code to release for XBOX One/V3 to open source?
  5. Will export into a clean MySQL database once I'm finished.
  6. I can provide 2608 records which I'm about 60% of the way through cleansing with (XBOX 360), (GFWL), (WP 7), (WP8), (WP7/8), (Win 8) AND (Arcade) within the title. Will then be doing another pass through for (RUS), (FR/DE), (JPN) AND (KOR) tags.
  7. Your probably better off posting in the boards maybe in the add-on section. Jason will reply/review as soon as he can I'm sure.
  8. I would enter but I've got a lot on with my own redesign but checkout my PM .
  9. Hello Poonarge, Not really best way I found to identify the dupes and give them the correct title was via SQL queries & research. if you give him the HID or ID I should be able to tell you which is which from my database.
  10. PHP Warning: SimpleXMLElement::addChild(): unterminated entity reference the Magic Marker in /home/consolef/public_html/api/includes/classes/base.class.php on line 557 PHP Warning: SimpleXMLElement::addChild(): unterminated entity reference Knuckles in /home/consolef/public_html/api/includes/classes/base.class.php on line 557 PHP Warning: SimpleXMLElement::addChild(): unterminated entity reference C Red Alert 3 in /home/consolef/public_html/api/includes/classes/base.class.php on line 557 PHP Warning: SimpleXMLElement::addChild(): unterminated entity reference Friends in /
  11. This issue is rectified now, I changed more drivers to DISK. Works perfectly now bar the Simple XML Elements not liking ampersands. JSON returns perfect though The <message>The gamertag supplied does not exist on Xbox Live.</message> actually refers to the username/password within the bootloader not the one your making a call for my bad!
  12. Updated the files, I noticed you have removed the error handling as stated. Looking at my bootloader I have it set to: /*! * Define the caching engine to be used. * Supports: apc, memcached, xcache, disk */ define('CACHE_ENGINE', 'apc'); Where else will I need to specify APC/xcache or Memcache, to ensure its not disk caching. I did notice making profile request returns a JSON and XML request fine. Making a request on the Games returns a partial json resonse which is no good and XML will return: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> -<xbox version="2.0" status="error"> &
  13. Defined full paths to Cookie_File, Debug_file, Stack_trace_file & error file, also updated to latets commit and no longer have access_file errors. These x2 are now populating however: PHP Notice: Undefined index: index in /home/consolef/public_html/api/includes/classes/cache.class.php on line 84 PHP Warning: set_error_handler() expects the argument (save_error) to be a valid callback in /home/consolef/public_html/api/includes/bootloader.php on line 20On a side not running an xml/json query for profile.php works fine but games.php fails.
  14. To which it does state that format in the error log I just removed it as I didn't want the address broadcast. Unsure why it would be unable to creat as I say I've set the folders to have full permissions. The C_Index is/has been created weirdly, its a 6kb file but there are no supporting cache files.
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