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  1. GOOD NEWS https://account.xbox.com/pt-BR/Compare/Xbox/1297287183?gamertag=Major%20Nelson
  2. xbox one achievements https://account.xbox.com/pt-BR/Achievements/
  3. the gamerscore seems to be OK, achievements the listing does not show. But have you noticed that even the xbox.com is appearing.
  4. if I can help, do not know much but any help will be welcome.
  5. beauty? have something that can help you? if any can help you edit the script to see the profile of xbox one
  6. would be great. I want to show my games to my friends, waiting congratulations for the work,
  7. I am also with this problem, there is solution?
  8. how do I get the achievements without being "en-US"
  9. would not have a way to decrypt the image address? example: base64_decode ($ base64) or dechex
  10. I'm trying to fix and if I can get you the code step. as the source was available is easier to exchange information. I just do not understand yet what the logic to generate a color image, is ASCII code? convert...
  11. Hello, I'm using their API (this link) but I am returning this error. Bug in achviements for unlocket result 1 result 2
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