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  1. Hey Jason, any update on mitigation for this issue? Surely an API should contain some checks for invalid data - if a user isn't getting back what they ask for, it's the API's fault, not the user's (although of course it's not the API's fault as this isn't your data, it's Microsoft who are screwing it up). Regardless, it would be good if a simple check could be implemented server-side so that your users don't have to deal with issues that aren't really anything to do with them - good API results and all..
  2. Cool, thanks for the response. Could you post any updates when as and when you come across a solution? Else I may make a custom image redirect list to fix any missing games. Cheers.
  3. This has been happening a while now, but I've only just managed to get around to posting it. Using the API, I retrieve a list of images of my 100% completed games and then display them on my site. The Dash of Destruction image has been 404'ing for a long while now. Here's the link that it 404's on from the console: http://download.xbox.com/content/images/66acd000-77fe-1000-9115-d8025841090b/1033/boxartsm.jpg The actual game exists fine: http://marketplace.xbox.com/en-US/Product/Dash-of-Destruction/66acd000-77fe-1000-9115-d8025841090b You can see the issue replicated on the Xbox Live tab on my website. It looks like this:
  4. Personally I have no need for an increased limit ever, as I only use it for personal use. So I voted no (perhaps another option for people who this wont affect?) That being said my opinion probably holds some bias, as I'm a huge fan of open-sourcing everything for others' benefit - something which you obviously don't want to do so MS don't block off whatever you're using (VB, is it?). Also, I would put more thought into sharing with those competent enough - I am, but to be honest I wouldn't have the time anyway. As long as there's no introduction of limits in the future for personal sites like mine with sub-1000 requests per day, I'm good.
  5. Just a simple placeholder with the Xbox logo would be cool, and the new homepage looks great! As for 'finding' which images are corrupt, I'm not sure how you would find that. You could possibly use PHP GD? Or alternatively I just looked at the blank image and it comes out at 1px x 1px, so could check for that server side before sending an alternate image?
  6. You could always run a cronjob in the background to retrieve the data and place this data into memory using Memcached - or even use MongoDB to store the JSON straight into the database. So this job runs every 10 minutes, for example, and your application simply reads from this - sure, you won't have absolutely 100% up-to-date data, it'll take a little while before the next update (you could offer the option to manually update), but it would guarantee almost instantaneous data retrieval.
  7. I came across this API yesterday, and I thought hey, that's awesome! So I spent a few hours on: A CSS3 gamercard using data retrieved by the API A scrolling collection of my 100%'d games (I already had the code for this elsewhere) And the final result of both respectively: . Also, love the design and AJAX going on here.. please add "btn-primary" to your button classes on the front page to liven it up a bit though! (Bootstrap fan). And finally, "The Witcher 2" doesn't have a cover as you can see according to the gamercard above. Oh I forgot, this is on the "Xbox Live" tab on my homepage if anyone wants to check out the client-side code.
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