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  1. I've started work on a wrapper library in Obj-C for use with the API. As of right now, only the profile and games endpoint is supported, but achievements and friends are on the way. https://github.com/joshbuhler/Durango
  2. fogo

    v2.0 Questions

    Also noticed that when requesting a profile or games, the URLs for artwork have spaces in them: status: "success", version: "2.0", data: { gamertag: "Major Nelson", tier: "gold", badges: { xboxlaunchteam: "false", nxelaunchteam: "false", kinectlaunchteam: "false" }, avatar: { full: "http: //avatar.xboxlive.com/avatar/Major Nelson/avatar-body.png", small: "http: //avatar.xboxlive.com/avatar/Major Nelson/avatarpic-s.png", large: "http: //avatar.xboxlive.com/avatar/Major Nelson/avatarpic-l.png" },
  3. I started updating a wrapper I've been working on to the changes in 2.0, and have noticed a few things. When pulling a profile, it looks like total gamerscore is no longer returned. Is that by design? There are duplicate entries for the *launchteam fields. One set in the "badges", the other at the root level of the data. However, checking against Major Nelson's account, these values don't match up. What's the difference between the two sets? When getting a list of games, the "progress" property for games is set as a string, including the %. Seems like it may be better to return this simply as a number without the "%", so that apps that would want to use that value for charting or other calculations don't need to do any string work to strip that out. Overall, great work on the API updates, and thanks for starting the project in the first place.
  4. When pulling a list of games for a gamertag, the GameCount property in the Data object is coming back different than the actual count of objects in the PlayedGames array. For example, with my gamertag, GameCount is 158, but when I run through the list of PlayedGames, I'm only seeing 141. I'm assuming that the difference is due to things like apps (YouTube, Halo Waypoint, etc.) that don't have achievements. I'd suggest that in the docs for the games endpoint, there should be a note added that the GameCount doesn't refer specifically to games, but to player activity. For an actual count of games, you'll need to check the count of the PlayedGames object. (Just a suggestion, as this was confusing me for a bit.)
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