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  1. Given your financial situation, have you given this any further thought? If I knew others were going to as well, I'd gladly sign up for a $1/2/3/4/5 per month plan, or commit to donating that, so your current server costs are covered, and you get a little something for putting in your free time for bug fixes and improvements. With the Xbone coming out in a few months, I'm sure there will be changes from that, and I don't think anyone wants you to give this project up. (PSN community is facing this now with the sole unofficial API shutting down due to costs.) I'm also curious if you'd share some anonymous usage data with us, so we can see just how often the service is used. Sometimes seeing that helps put a perspective on things. Again, thanks for providing this service.
  2. Did that also fix your gamertag does not exist error? There's someone on mashape that is running into a similar issue: https://www.mashape.com/xboxleaders/xboxleadersapi#!issues?id=1
  3. After too long of a delay, I've added functionality to the wrapper to pull data for my Video Game Spa application.
  4. I was previously putting hidden achievements that I had unlocked into my class library, but since I've created a wrapper for the 2.0 API, I figured it might be beneficial to put this information elsewhere. I've created a new project at https://github.com/JamesSkemp/XblAchievements that will eventually contain all of the hidden achievements I've unlocked and documented. Ultimate goal is to expand my API wrapper to allow a directory to be referred to, which will contain all of these XML files, and will be used when creating output files. My wrapper is for .NET, but this project is just a bunch of XML files, and contributions are welcome and appreciated!
  5. Updated this morning to include the missing Search functionality. Still have to do the updates to help generate something like http://media.jamesrskemp.com/vg/Default.html, but that'll probably be a different library.
  6. Got the following this morning when I was trying to use the games endpoint: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <xbox status="success" version="1.0"> <Error>There was an internal server error.</Error> <In>17.979</In> <Stat>fail</Stat> <Authed>false</Authed> <AuthedAs/> <status>success</status> <version>1.0</version> </xbox> Hit it about 3 times and this time the issue didn't clear up. Will edit if I try again before I head off to work. EDIT: Tried again 5 minutes later and it worked fine. Note that I call profile immediately after the above call and that worked fine all 4 times.
  7. First version of a .NET wrapper for the mashape implementation is available at https://github.com/JamesSkemp/XboxLeadersWrapper Supports all four methods. I'll be creating another library that will parse out the returned data and create .NET objects in the near future (which I already have for version 1.0 of the API). My ultimate goal is to have it return data that would allow me to update http://media.jamesrskemp.com/vg/Default.html
  8. Sorry, your answer to my other question answered what was going on here. Looks like when you migrated to Mashape I ended up on XboxApi.com's page (which also explains why the 'Subscribe' button disappeared after I created an account. That also explains why I thought 2.0 was so different ... Dumb mistake on my end. Wish I would have noticed that before I created a wrapper for the wrong API, but ...
  9. Duh. Guess when I was bouncing around Mashape I hit the wrong one ...
  10. In version 1.0 of the API, games returned the following data: <TotalEarnedGamerScore>30698</TotalEarnedGamerScore> <TotalPossibleGamerScore>68930</TotalPossibleGamerScore> <TotalEarnedAchievements>1527</TotalEarnedAchievements> <TotalPossibleAchievements>3060</TotalPossibleAchievements> However, in version 2.0 only the following is returned: <Gamerscore>30698</Gamerscore> The information is available because each game is returned by the API, but is it possible to have the above returned by the API, so we don't have to loop through each for this? (My hope would be that we could then have something, down the road, which could optionally return x games, instead of all of them. If that were a method then it wouldn't be possible to get the TotalPossible_ data and TotalEarnedAchievements just by looping through the returned data.)
  11. When using version 2.0 of games the following is returned for an individual game: <Games> <ID>1397819368</ID> <Name>NIER</Name> <MarketplaceURL>http://marketplace.xbox.com/en-US/Title/1397819368</MarketplaceURL> <BoxArt> <Small>http://catalog.xboxapi.com/image/66acd000-77fe-1000-9115-d802535107e8/boxartsm.jpg</Small> <Large>http://catalog.xboxapi.com/image/66acd000-77fe-1000-9115-d802535107e8/boxartlg.jpg</Large> </BoxArt> <PossibleScore>1000</PossibleScore> <PossibleGamerscore>1000</PossibleGamerscore> <PossibleAchievements>41</PossibleAchievements> <Progress> <Score>950</Score> <Achievements>37</Achievements> <LastPlayed>/Date(1306021671337)/</LastPlayed> <LastPlayed-UNIX>1306021671</LastPlayed-UNIX> </Progress> <CatalogLink>http://catalog.xboxapi.com/1397819368</CatalogLink> <AchievementInfo>https://xboxapi.com/xml/achievements/1397819368/strivinglife</AchievementInfo> </Games> What's the different between PossibleScore and PossibleGamerscore? Is one preferred over the other?
  12. I was going to grab my current information this morning via https://www.xboxleaders.com/api/games.xml?gamertag=strivinglife&region=en-US The following XML was returned: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <xbox status="success" version="1.0"> <Error>There was an internal server error.</Error> <In>2.335</In> <Stat>fail</Stat> <Authed>false</Authed> <AuthedAs/> <status>success</status> <version>1.0</version> </xbox> I would have expected a failure status (in both places) instead of a success. (Trying it again it worked fine, so possibly just a one-off bug.)
  13. Sorry Jason, it doesn't look I signed up for email notification to replies. Thanks for the additional information on what state version 2.0 is in. That helps, and it's good to hear that we could still have an impact on what features it includes (pending your time and ability to do so, of course) I'll go through 2.0 this weekend and post a couple topics. I can think of at least a couple questions and a couple possible ideas on nice-to-haves. Good luck with certifications/schooling/licensing!
  14. Signed up and made a couple requests. Seems easy enough 1) FYI, seem to have lost the forum theme again (anonymous and logged in). 2) Where's the best place to ask about features 2.0 of the API is missing? And I suppose 2.0 in general. For example, no longer returns: TotalPossibleGamerScore, TotalEarnedAchievements, TotalPossibleAchievements (used to be part of games). 3) How will 1.0 of the API be impacted by this? Even that version seems to be changing a bit, and I'd like 2.0 to be pretty stable before I switch. If it helps, this is what I'm using the API for: http://media.jamesrskemp.com/vg/Default.html#/home The plan is to have the scripts used to generate the data for this kind of site at https://github.com/JamesSkemp/VideoGamesSpa but right now it's just some LINQPad scripts that I run, and then do compares/pushes with Beyond Compare. It's a little messy, but I like the results.
  15. FYI, clicked on the link to take the API poll and thought you might have swapped in a new forum. Once I logged in however, I realized that you probably hadn't updated the public/non-logged in theme. If you visit a page you'll see an Xbox-like theme, with, for example, https://www.xboxleaders.com/forums/public/style_images/xbox/logo.png as the forum logo. Whoops!
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